Compliance Reports

Reporting on AQTF Quality Indicators

The AQTF Quality Indicators for RTOs form part of the AQTF Essential Conditions and Standards for Continuing Registration (pdf – 390.33kb) that apply to all RTOs registered with VRQA.

RTOs are required to collect and use data on three quality indicators:

  • competency completion
  • learner engagement
  • employer satisfaction.

Quality indicator data is used by RTOs to undertake continuous improvement and by national, state and territory registering bodies to inform each RTO’s risk assessment.

Registering bodies may not release quality indicator data provided by RTOs to any other party.

Annual reporting

RTOs are required to report annually on quality indicator data for the previous year. Data must be submitted by 30 June each year.

For a free download of the Quality Indicators Resource Package, including software, see: AQTF Quality Indicator Services. RTOs should review the resource package prior to completing any reports.

RTOs should be aware that failure to submit quality indicator data, or the submission of incomplete data, may affect an RTO’s risk rating and impact on an RTO’s registration.

Competency completion

Competency completion data is collected as part of AVETMISS reporting.

Learner engagement and employer satisfaction

RTOs must administer two questionnaires:

  1. learner engagement
  2. employer satisfaction

The questionnaires can be administered in either paper or online format.  For RTOs not using the SMART System, please use the Reporting of Learner Engagement and Employer Satisfaction Quality Indicator template (doc – 59.5kb) to submit your report. Reports should be submitted to the VRQA by email.