Policies & Forms (Policy Register)

Students will be offered RPL through approved RPL providers (see RPL policy)

Policies and Procedures (Policy Register)

Policies & Procedures Next Review Date
Standard 1-Responsive to industry and learner needs
Delivery of Training July 2018
Training Design Delivery July 2018
Recognition of Prior Learning Policy July 2018
Course Design Delivery July 2018
Training Preparation July 2018
Training Package Transitional Arrangements July 2018
Assessment Policy July 2018
Academic Survey Evaluation Methodology July 2018
Assessment Validation and Moderation Policy July 2018
Learner Support Policy and LLN July 2018
Pre-Training Review Policy July 2018
Students with Special Needs Policy July 2018
Standard 2 – The operations of the RTO are quality assured
Advertising Practices Procedure July 2018
Annual Staff Development Plan July 2018
Continuous Improvement July 2018
Emergency Evacuation July 2018
Emergency July 2018
Hazard Reporting July 2018
Internal Audit Procedure July 2018
Management Review July 2018
Marketing and Promotional Material July 2018
Partnership Agreement July 2018
Policy Change Management July 2018
Policy Computer Usage July 2018
Policy Contractors Agents July 2018
Policy Corrective Action July 2018
Policy Intellectual Property July 2018
Policy Occupational Health and Safety July 2018
Policy Recruitment of staff July 2018
Policy Staff Code of Conduct July 2018
Policy Version Control July 2018
Policy OHS External Training Facilities July 2018
Print Register July 2018
Quality July 2018
Risk Management July 2018
Quality Assurance and Risk Management July 2018
VET Quality Framework Risk Management Plan July 2018
Staff Induction Policy July 2018
Staff Review July 2018
Staff Training & Development Policy July 2018
Staff Capability, Educational Resources & Premises July 2018
Student Support Services July 2018
The Induction Process July 2018
Standard 3 – The RTO issues, maintains and accepts AQF certification documentation in accordance with these Standards and provides access to learner records
Course Review July 2018
Credit Transfer July 2018
Issuing of Results July 2018
Recognition of AQF Qualifications Issued by Other RTOs July 2018
Standard 4 – Accurate and accessible information about an RTO, its services and performance is available to inform prospective and current learners and clients
Access & Equity Policy July 2018
Customer Service July 2018
Monitoring Course Progress July 2018
Standard 5 – Each learner is properly informed and protected
Cancelling Enrolment July 2018
Disability July 2018
Environment July 2018
Equal Employment Opportunities July 2018
Policy Critical Incident July 2018
Policy Fees and Charges July 2018
Policy Student Code July 2018
Policy Students Enrolment July 2018
Policy Supervision July 2018
Policy Younger Students July 2018
Completion within Expected Duration July 2018
Plagiarism and Cheating July 2018
Standard 6 – Complaints and appeals are recorded, acknowledged and dealt with fairly, efficiently and effectively
Complaints and Appeals July 2018
Standard 7 – The RTO has effective governance and administration arrangements in place
Financial Management July 2018
HR Management July 2018
Insurance July 2018
Management of Bad Debts July 2018
Petty Cash July 2018
Policy Banking July 2018
Policy Framework July 2018
Purchasing July 2018
Refund Policy July 2018
Delegation Responsibities July 2018
Change of Organisational Status July 2018
Standard 8 – The RTO cooperates with the VET Regulator and is legally compliant at all times
Compliance with Legislation Policy July 2018
Privacy & Personal Information Procedures July 2018
Records Management & Security Procedure July 2018